Wellion FRIGO Med Cooler Bag - is the easy, quick and comfortable way to cool your insulin, insulin pump and other medicine. For this neither electricity nor freezing or refrigeration are necessary. It can be used very simply with the aid of water - over and over again. Sizes: L and XXL. Picture

Wellion FRIGO Med Cooler Bags
Insulin Cooling without refrigiator, easy and quick

    Wellion FRIGO med cooler bags

    Keep medication and insulin cool - without a refrigerator, simple and practical

    forget all your worries through the summer with your pet


    Remember to protect your pet's insulin from the heat in time. The Wellion FRIGO cool bag is the safe solution for this as well. Insulin (or medication) should not exceed a temperature of 30°C. In summer, when travelling by car, hiking or when travelling to countries with a warmer climate, it has often been difficult to keep insulin cool enough.

    The Wellion FRIGO cool bag is the solution. Even at higher outside temperatures, insulin remains cool for several hours to several days, made possible by the principle of evaporation. Available in chic black, the Wellion FRIGO cool bag is both an unobtrusive companion and a sophisticated gadget.

    Wellion FRIGO is the easy, fast and comfortable way to keep insulin, an insulin pump and other medications cool. Neither electricity, a freezing facility nor cooling elements are necessary. Wellion FRIGO can easily be used with water - over and over again.

    To ensure consistent quality and hygiene during frequent use, the inner pocket is equipped with an antibacterial impregnation. This is an additional feature that is very important when dealing with insulin and medication.  

    The Wellion FRIGO cool bag also has a practical belt loop so that you always have your pen at hand when you are out and about.

    Available sizes: L and XXL

    ANTIBACTERIAL - antibacterial impregnation

    WITHOUT POWER SUPPLY - activated with water

    WITHOUT FREEZER - no cooling elements


    The Wellion FRIGO cooler bag works that easy:

    1. Shake the Wellion FRIGO inner bag to distribute the crystals evenly. Dip the Wellion FRIGO inner bag evenly and completely under cold water (Large - maximum 10 minutes, XXLarge - maximum 12 minutes). During this time the crystals in the cooling fins form a gel - the inner pocket becomes thicker.
      Note: Do not immerse the inner pocket in water for longer than indicated! Slight gel leakage may occur, wipe off the gel and use the bag as directed.
    2. Afterwards it is important to wipe the inside pocket with a cloth to remove the excess water. Carefully insert the inner pocket into the outer cover. This serves to protect the other objects in your handbag or suitcase.
    3. Then place the cooled insulin in the Wellion FRIGO inner bag.
    4. The inner pocket becomes flatter and flatter over time, as soon as the cooling effect is no longer sufficient, you can recharge the pocket with water.


    Example filled cooler bags

    Wellion FRIGO L
    Size: 21 x 11 cm
    for 2 insulin pens or 1 insulin pump


    Wellion FRIGO XXL
    Size: 22 x 19 cm
    more space for your diabetes supplies