Wellion invert sugar syrup

Immediately and over a longer period of time energy through 3 types of sugar

liquid consistency - is quickly absorbed into the body


Wellion ORANGE Invert Sugar Syrup works extremely fast and brings immediate energy. The bags are easy to open. One bag contains 10-15g of carbohydrates. The best help when you are on the road or doing sports. Picture

Wellion ORANGE Invert Sugar Syrup
Energy in a small portion

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Wellion GOLD Invert sugar syrup is easy to handle and gives you energy very fast. Every tube is protected with a hygiene seal and can easily be reclosed by means of the screw cap. Pleasant vanilla taste. Picture

Wellion GOLD Invert Sugar Syrup
Energy shot in vanilla

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Wellion 1SHOT Invert sugar syrup - the perfect energy shot at the right time. Immediate and longterm effect due to 3 different types of sugar (glucose, saccharose, fructose). Pleasant vanilla taste. Picture tube

Wellion 1SHOT Invert Sugar Syrup
instant energy shot in the right portion

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