Target range of blood glucose values

A guideline for the prevention of secondary diabetic diseases

What blood sugar levels are normal and where does diabetes start?

Regular testing of blood glucose values provide an overview of your diabetic control. Contact your physician if blood glucose values are repeated out of range to prevent metabolic disorders (hypoglycaemia, hyperglycaemia / ketoacidosis) and diabetic late complications.


Blood glucose mmol/l



Fasting state*

< 6,11    6,11 - 6,94    

≥ 6,99



≥ 11,1

* Measured after minimum of 8 hours fasting / measured 2 times


Daily blood glucose profile

The following test enables you and your doctor to make an initial assessment of your personal risk situation regarding the possible occurrence of diabetes. To do this, measure your blood sugar level 8 times at the times listed below. Note your measurement results in the table below and discuss them with your doctor.
IMPORTANT: No snacks between meals, but drink plenty of water or mineral water!


Daily blood glucose profile


Time of measurementMy blood glucose value

Fasting state in the morning


2 hours after breakfast


Before lunch


2 hours later


Before dinner


2 hours later


Before going to bed


3 a.m. (optional)



To obtain meaningful values, please note tips and possible sources of error for blood sugar measurement.