Wellion CALLA - Storage bag for the Wellion CALLA Light or Classic meter, test strips, lancing device and lancets

Wellion LUNA Bag
storage bag for your meter and accessories

    Wellion LUNA meter carrying bag

    Practical storage on the road

    everything at hand for a comfortable measurement


    Custom-fit carring bag for the Wellion LUNA blood glucose meter & accessories


    Protection for your measuring instrument

    The protective carrying bag is soft and the additional fixation of the Wellion LUNA measuring instrument by an elastic band ensures a firm hold in the bag. Through the viewing window, the measuring instrument can be operated even in the pocket, or remain in the pocket during the measurement.


    Compact and suitable for everyday use, the ideal size

    No matter where you are, you have the measuring instrument and the necessary accessories clearly at hand. The bag with intelligent loop arrangement has enough space for your Wellion LUNA measuring device as well as Wellion LUNA test strips, lancing device and Wellion lancets. There is also room for a tube of Wellion 1Shot Invert Sugar Syrup.


    Closable inner compartment

    The additional compartment inside serves for the proper storage of your lancets or other small parts, so you will always find what you need and stays inside when opening the bag.


    Material: Nylon
    Colour: black