Wellion ORANGE Invert Sugar Syrup
works extremely fast and brings immediate energy

    Wellion ORANGE invert sugar syrup

    The fruity energy boost in a practical bag

    instant energy shot in the right portion

    Whether during sports, gardening or on the road, sugar in the form of invert sugar syrup should always be within reach when there is an urgent need for energy.


    With three different types of sugar, Wellion Invert Sugar Syrup in its practical liquid form provides the necessary energy immediately and for a longer period of time. The well thought-out combination of saccharose, glucose and fructose reaches the blood quickly and thus brings prompt balance to urgent energy needs.


    ENERGY SOURCE - Immediate and longterm effect

    IDEAL FOR SPORT- Provides quick energy


    The practical pouches of the Wellion ORANGE are very easy to open and the contents can be slid out with two fingers. The flexible and flat pouch makes Wellion Orange Invert Sugar Syrup resistant to external influences, such as pressure and water, so it can be slipped into your trouser pocket when you are on the go. The ideal companion on the road and for sports, such as sailing, jogging, cycling and many more. While swimming, the flat and flexible bag can even be put into your swimwear.

    Advantageous to calculate: One bag contains about 15g
    Content: 10 bags


    25 % Saccharose
    25 % Glucose
    25 % Fructose
    25 % Water
    0,1% Aroma

    Dry matter 80 %
    Invert Sugar 66 %