Wellion CALLA Mini blood glucose meter

Blood Glucose Meter
handy and small

    Wellion CALLA Mini Blood glucose meter

    compact and handy

    the reliable companion that fits in every trouser pocket


    Simply insert the Wellion CALLA blood glucose test strip into the test strip slot. The Wellion CALLA Mini Meter will automatically activate to draw up the drop of blood at the test strip tip. After the countdown, the blood glucose meter shows the current value on the display.

    Compact and handy

    The Wellion CALLA Mini was developed for fans of small measuring instruments. It fits in every pocket and is therefore a reliable companion on the road.

    The Wellion CALLA Mini meter automatically stores up to 300 readings with date and time. In addition, the meter calculates average values for 7, 14, 21 and 30 days, so that you can better assess your blood sugar level.

    Only 0.6 microlitres of blood and 6 seconds measuring time ensure that the Wellion CALLA Mini can be measured easily, quickly and reliably in everyday life. The measurement result is particularly easy to read, which is further facilitated by the large numbers.

    The exact handling of the Wellion CALLA Mini blood glucose meter can be found in the booklet in our download area. More about Self Monitoring of Blood Glucose can be found here.

    The Wellion CALLA Mini blood glucose meter is used with the Wellion CALLA Blood Sugar Teststrips.



    No code

    Large, clear digits


    Small and compact

    6 seconds testing time

    0,6 microliter blood

    300 results in memory

    1000 tests battery life

    1x CR2032 battery