Infusion set
Insulin via the pump
Safe and comfortable

    Wellion EASY Teflon Infusion set

    Comfortable insulin delivery with the pump



    Sterile Teflon Infusion Set for Single Use


    The indented use of the Wellion EASY Teflon Infusion set is the subcutaneous infusion of medication, including insulin, from an infusion pump.

    Fill the cannula with the following amounts of insulin:
    6mm: 0.2u(0.002mL)
    9mm: 0.3u(0.003mL)


    The infusion sets may only be used for subcutaneous infusion only and are contraindicated for intravenous (IV) infusion of blood or blood products.

    Compatible Insulin Pumps:
    MiniMed Paradigm 512 and 712, 515 und 715, 723, 751, 554 and 745, REAL-Time 522 and 722, REAL-Time Revel, 530G, 630G, 640G, 670G insulin pump manufactured by Medtronic Minimed