Wellion GALILEO GLU/CHOL - Glucose and cholesterol testing with just one device

Glucose and cholesterol testing with just one device

The modern Wellion GALILEO GLU-CHOL blood glucose meter measures accurately the blood glucose and also determines reliably the total cholesterol level.
The display screen of the Wellion GALILEO GLU-CHOL is perfectly legible due to a permanent backlight and big digits. An illuminated teststrip port enables testing also in dim surroundings. (e.g. in the cinema or the theatre). You have the option to mark readings with four different markers which allows a better analysis of postprandial glucose (BEFORE and AFTER meal marker, sports marker, medication/insulin marker).
500 blood glucose results and 100 cholesterol results are stored in memory. In addition, blood glucose averages for 1, 7, 14, 30, 60 and 90 days are available. The Wellion GALILEO GLU-CHOL is also available with an eject button for highest hygienic requirements like in a clinical setting or a nursery home.
The study "System accuracy assessments with a blood glucose meter with combined glucose and ß-hydroxybutyrate measurement capabilities" shows the hight accuracy of ± 10% of Wellion GALILEO meters in glucose measurements.
The Wellion GALILEO GLU-CHOL measuring device is also available with an eject button for special hygienic requirements such as exist in hospitals or nursing homes.

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